Monday, 6 May 2013

What do these stones mean ?

Reading: Joshua 4:4-7

While people of Israel were about to enter the land of Canaan they were about to cross the river Jordan. As per the instructions of YHWH priests carried the ark of the covenant and the river was split into two and all the people crossed over. Here the interesting thing is Joshua instructed few people to carry stones from the midst of the river for rememberance and as memorial.

There are few stones in our life we need to pick up from the bottom of the river of tribulation for remembrance and memorial. Those scars in our life that are left behind by our struggles are memorials not for our strength or endurance but for the power of God in display.

We can boldly say that we have been there and HE has done that.

What do these stones mean? Joshua 4:6

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Hope against. ..

Reading: Romans 4:18-20

Abraham hoped against hope and it was credited to him as righteousness. He hoped with a hopeless body, he hoped on God who performs the unbelievable.

It's a challenge today as believers to hope against hope. Lets say believing when odds or against us, contrary to hope. But genuine faith is when our odds don't matter in the face if God's glorious hope. Maybe our bodies may be weak but our minds strong in faith, hoping contrary to hope.

Abraham had a weak body but a live faith. Our weaknesses does not matter when we believe in the one who has given us his word.