Monday, 29 April 2013

Gods in Human Form...

Acts 14:7-18

Paul was called Hermes in the city of Lystra. Hermes is a god in Greek Mythology. Hermes is responsible for bringing messages from the Gods. The function of Hermes is to interpreted the messages of God to Humans. He is someone who is between both the worlds. He brings messages to humans by putting them to sleep and bringing them visions and dreams.

Its interesting to read that the people of Lystra called Paul Hermes because he was the one who was speaking. People of that city found similarity between Paul and Hermes in the way he spoke. They knew that the message of Paul was from the Gods. That could be one striking similarity but there is also another function that Paul did which Hermes could not or would not do.

While it is the function of Hermes to interpret the messages of God to Humans. Paul here interprets the gesture of that man who was sitting and listening to him. Paul could see that this man had faith to be healed and he healed him in the name of Jesus Christ. Here again Paul unlike Hermes did not put that man to sleep but rather he woke him up to reality and made him realize that he could walk again. This is something distinct of Paul.

The people of the city thought that God's have come in Human Form, which speaks for Paul's true representation of his maker. Paul represented not Hermes but God. 

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