Friday, 4 October 2013

God Said ...

Then God said ...
Gen 1:3

Primordial memory of our very existence is the say-ing of God, which is reflected in Genesis, "God Said". This very saying of God is the dying and resurrection of God, wherein the saying of God is emptying of God from its plenitude. This emptying of plenitude of God is an actual loss of Godhead, but this actual loss resulted in the voice of God. The loss became the very beginning, the beginning of the God through the voice of his saying, wherein in this loss God became God in our horizon.

This beginning is the real beginning of our history, where eternity has ended into time, that is "In the beginning." Wherefore the very beginning of our history is beginning with God, that is "God said". This beginning in time is the ending of primordial darkness, nothingness and silence. This say-ing of God shatters every silence and breaks into voice. This voice which ends every other voice everywhere, wherein it ends every voice of darkness itself by saying "let there be light".

And in this "light", in his own light of his say-ing "word" we see God as God through his own epiphany of light, which is dying to his own eternity and resurrecting in and through the beginning of time, the time of our history, to end every oppression of darkness and deafening silence. This voice fills the void and gives birth to actual and residing light of our existence.

This beginning is also the fall of God. A fall in and through which God's image is materialized in the clay of the earth as human's (imageo dei). God abandons his formless primordial existence to become a form and fall into the clay of human existence. Therefore it can be thus imagined, that God falls dead and buried in the clay only to be resurrected as Adam and Eve. It is in this sense our beginning is God's fall. And God's voice is our only resounding of our identity throughout all ages. It is an affirmative voice that always resounds, "God Said."

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  1. I reckon this is too monotheistic for my taste...

    I begin with "ex-nihilo" and as the backdrop in which things "appear. The primordial nothingness is in total harmony and when this "harmony" is disturbed by "the voice" be it a divine voice then things "appear".

    I think the name of God is the name of "disharmony", a negative dimension in reality like the "burning" bush" is an anomaly or a "thing" without a place. To look for the event of God or the death of God as radical immanence is impossible because the name is assigned a place within history. On the other hand God does not have being, and therefore has no place. The self giving of God through the word is circular in Genesis because God opens up infinite possibilities through his word which then returns to God and then possibilities of being expand till the Sabbath. The presence of the Human is limit of God because God entrusts his word to Humankind. Through the fall the creativity of the word is strifiled and God is out of place, the incarnation of the word in human history marks the eschatological plenitude of God's promise in creation sealed by the death and resurrection of the exiled word which is incarnate in Human history. The word returns to God as the climax of both divinity and creation to enable a world of immeasurable possibilities.

    The death and resurrection of God in Human Beings does not occur in creation because creation itself is radically immanent because it is the displacement of nothingness. Human Beings are also likely to "return" to the dust (void) from whence they emerged which strifles possibilities and transformation of being.