Monday, 24 June 2013

Call as Apocalypse

Every original call from God carries with it a force that is death and life all at once. A definite Call brings with it an Apocalypse of historical now and an eschatological hope for a radical newness of future, which is not new of the old rather it is a definite new of new.
In that newness there could be no returning back to the old in any form. Primarily it is an Apocalypse of the present historical reality, the evidence for which is seen in the apocalyptic language of Jesus Christ who was giving out a genuine Call towards advent of Kingdom of God for which the present historical reality or the present world should pass away. Mk 13:24-26
This Apocalypse will be incomplete if it just annihilates the present and leaves a vacuum. Rather this Apocalypse should pass on in to a emerging of a eschatological new world. This in the vision of Jesus is Kingdom of God.
Once we have received the call in the form of the primordial Logos then Apocalypse becomes imminent and real, a shattering of the world begins, until it becomes impossible to retrace to the original or the old. But this call also that which makes all things new begins to usher in a new world which cannot be in any sense former. Thereby pushing forward severing every old tie that binds us to the old. Therefore after the Call there would be no world as in the former sense of the world. Therfore no returning to the past. Hence a new creation and old things have passed away.
The call of Noah resulted in an Apocalypse and a new world also in the call of Abraham and Moses. This call is directed towards us in the form of "FOLLOW ME".

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