Saturday, 6 July 2013

Realizing the Kingdom

"The kingdom of God does not come with observation ... "
Luke 17:20-21

Kingdom of God does not come with observation, that is observation in the level of mere looking for external signs this cannot bring us to vision of Kingdom of God. Any sign based Kingdom is Satanic and adulterous (Mk 8:12). When signs and wonders are becoming norms for an display of the so-called Kingdom of God for others, but, for Jesus who was the inaugurator of Kingdom of God the only sign possible is looking into yourself. "Kingdom of God is within you" (Lk 17:21).

Kingdom of God is something we need to realize and reflect upon from within ourselves. It is the vision of Jesus which inaugurated the Kingdom of God in the proclamation of (Lk 4:18-19). This vision of Kingdom of God is enactment of this vision within the community through us and nothing apart from this. Kingdom begins with the embodiment of this vision in our own bodies.