Wednesday, 23 January 2013


".. armour-bearer said to him, 'Do all that your mind inclines to."
1 Sam 14:7

1Sam 14:1-15

Some people have radical vision like Jonathan, to climb a steep rocky crag. Some people have vision to fight against all odds. Some people have a monstrous vision to 'change the world'. Jesus had a vision of Reign-of-God (Kingdom of God) which was a upside down kingdom. Today few Christians still share in that vision. The vision and mission of 'Changing the World' around us.

But, those Jonathan's and Christ's who are radical visionaries and missionaries need armour-bearers who are willing to stand by that vision. Who are willing to put their life on the line for that mission and who are bold to say "I am with you heart and soul" 1 Sam 14:7 (ESV).

Who are you today? Visionary or Armour-bearer. Both are needed for God's World Changing Mission. If you are Visionary share your radical vision to others God will provide Armour-Bearer's. If you are Radical believer, support a Visionary, towards Changing the World.

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