Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Good Governance..


Psalm 72:1-4,12-14

In the recent economic crisis in our country with price-hike's in every commodity (recent being the Railway Fare's), it is obvious that the weaker section of the people are most affected. And also the recent communal violence against Dalits in South India where resurgence of caste based violence are becoming rampant. What should a good governance focus on? There are many theologians who are providing us with good insights on Public Theology, like Paul Tillich, Rienhold Niebuhr and in Asian Context particularly from India we can talk about Felix Wilfred. The following is a reading from Psalm 72.

This Psalm talks about what a good King should do. A King should act with Justice, he should defend the afflicted among the people, save the children of the needy and it does not stop there, goes on to say he should be bold enough to crush the oppressor of his people. A good governance should be able to protect the oppressed and stop the oppressor. Are you at the place of Leadership? think of how effective is your leadership for a God-oriented governance.

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