Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Who are you?

"Who are you?" - John 1:19

Reading: John 1:19-28; Isaiah 40: 3-11; 1John 1:18-25

In a world ridden with identity politics and factions based on caste and color, it is a challenge for the church and every christian to be aware of her or his own identity, what we might call a proper Christian or Messianic or Prophetic identity. The reason to use Christian, Messianic and Prophetic is because every disciple of Christ should be a Christian. Not in the sense of superfluous identity, but by deep relationship formed by constant abiding in Christ (1 John 1:24).

Secondly, it is Messianic and Prophetic. When asked to John the Baptizer, "Who are you?" he came up with a profound prophetic statement. He affirmed saying "I am the voice.." (John 1:23). This 'voice' will make way for coming of God for Reign of God. This voice will make valleys lifted up, mountains low, uneven ground level and rough places plain (Isaiah 40:4,5).

Therefore every believers' identity should have threefold dimension (Christian, Messianic and Prophetic). Our identity remains as a voice, not just a voice in the crowd but a distinct voice that would be able to critically question the disparities and evil in the world. This voice has task to prepare the way for the God, for a reign of God. The task is to make a level ground - raising the valleys and bringing down the mountains. Indeed its a challenge, and thereby it is prophetic because we are challenge the mountains of the world, the oppressive structures which bring in disparities, and we fill in every valley to raise it up, this prophetic call is to envision a straight path an egalitarian society for the reign of God to flourish.

Wherever it may be, we should remain as a 'Voice' bearing the messianic words of witness. We need to challenge the high, low attitudes primarily within families, within our churches and in everyplace. Church really has to prepare itself, there can be no place for high-low, rich-poor, clean-unclean, educated-ignorant, favored-rejected and we need to become egalitarian for us enjoy the presence of God. For this vision to accomplish we need to become a 'Voice' the real identity of a believer.

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