Friday, 18 January 2013

Going Home...

'we have never seen anything like this!'
Mk 2:12

Mk 2:1-12

In earlier times in Eastern countries to be sick is to loose one's standing within the social circle. And to be healed is to be restored to social circle again (Malina 1998, 113-4). What we have today is what scholars would call as 'quest story' (Painter 1997, 50). This passage talks about a paralyzed man who is helped by his four friends, to reach Jesus in a crowed house. And Jesus forgives his sins and heals him and commands him to go home.

This story is all about "going home." Jesus restores that person's health by healing him and forgiving his sins. Sickness has an effect of sending us away from home and the same applies to Sin it sends us away from God. To be healed is to go back home. Jesus restored that person's relationship, socially with his family and spiritually with God.

Healing should make us go back home. Sometimes we may think that forgiveness of Sins demands a life away from the world. But, the opposite is true, our restoration, our healing from our sins, should takes us back into the world. It should take us back to our home, to proclaim the love of God to all the World and to our Home (family, friends, etc.,). This going home after being restored, brings glory to God. We live as one who is forgiven, healed and restored. And people shall testify saying we have never seen anything like this.

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