Thursday, 17 January 2013


".. he struck him on the hip...he passed Penuel, limping"
Gen 32:25,31

Gen 32:25-32

Jacob's encounter with God resulted in limping while Saul's encounter resulted in blindness (Acts 9:8). God heals and he breaks. He can make the lame walk (Mt 21:14) and the walking lame. This limping was a clear sign that Jacob did see God face to face (Gen 32:30). Limping was a permanent change that Jacob carried in his body after he met God. He never walked the same again. He started limping. But this disabled man has seen God's face, survived death, he had looked into the face of eternity.

Physically dis-abled (mentally or physically, minor disabilities or major ones)? you are the only abled-body who can witness about God.

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