Friday, 25 January 2013


"...the promise of life that is in Christ Jesus,"
2Tim 1:1

2Tim 1:1-8; Mk 3:20-21; Ps 96: 10-13

Amidst terrorism, misogyny, death, suicides, and unheard voices, crying from the margins of our society out of oppression, what is the promise of life? The challenge is, in today's world, how do we relate this promise of life that is in Christ Jesus. This Promise of life rests on righteousness, truth, equity and judgement (Ps 96:10-13). A Christian is an Apostle, for the sake of this promise of life.

In order to proclaim this promise, one cannot shy away from the calling to confront the world with the spirit of love and self-discipline. And relying in the power of God to face suffering, which comes along with confronting the world. The world which perpetuates sin and death. People came to Jesus because he gave them life, his own life, so far, that he was regarded as one who was out of his mind.

How far are can we go to give our life?

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